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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Thank goodness the weather is breaking. The cooler weather naturally perks me up with the promise of comfy sweaters, cozy cups of coffee on brisk days and a timeout on the humidity. My hair is grateful. Growing up in the Midwest, the turning of the leaves meant afterschool cheerleading practice, Friday night football games and watching the Big Ten (when there were 10) with my grandpa on Saturday afternoons. Go Buckeyes!

Whatever your relationship with Fall, I think it’s the best example of how to embrace change. These next two months will offer a gentle reminder that change is both beautiful and complex. Here are a few ideas to help you embrace it.

Nurture your social connections.

  • Call your people and organize a brunch or an outing
  • Join that book club you’ve been eyeing
  • Schedule a weekly walk routine with a friend

Check your stress.

  • Increase your sleep and/or take naps
  • Keep your screen time low
  • Get lost in your thoughts on purpose.

Celebrate and reflect

  • Write a Haiku. *Shout out to my friend Jennifer for reminding me of this gem.
  • Jot down 3 things you’ve accomplished this year that make you beam with pride.
    • Getting your kids back in a school routine successfully – That’s a WIN!
    • Navigating meal prep each week – Amen!
    • Starting a new job – Congrats!
  • If you’re looking for a book to support a season of reflection, consider the Ruthless Elimination of Hurry . You’ll find yourself asking whether you’re leading from a place of rest or working all day to just to earn it?

Cool and alluring

Leaves gossip and cartwheel here

My old friend the tree