When Thanh Trieu decided to commit to purchasing VinFast electric SUVs for his car rental company, he jumped at the chance to tour the company’s headquarters in Vietnam.

“I said, ‘[It’s a] no brainer. I want to go because I want to see what I’m investing into,’” Trieu said.

Trieu ordered 65 of the VF8 and VF9 SUVs for the companies he owns in California. The models are the same ones VinFast plans to produce at its future facility in Chatham County.

“I went and did some research for myself, and I love it,” Trieu said. “Everything about the car, quality [and] warranty. I just fell in love with the car.”

For Trieu, the trip is a return to Vietnam. He left during the war before the fall of Saigon.

“The world doesn’t know Vietnam as what Vietnam can do now,” Trieu said.

Trieu said he believes in what VinFast can do for his home country. VinFast was founded in June 2017.

“There’s going to be a lot of vehicles on the road and put Vietnam on the map, and they’re really going to improve our economy in Vietnam,” Trieu said.

VinFast factory coming to Chatham County

This month, VinFast is planning to start building its $4 billion electric SUV facility in Moncure. It is expected to bring 7,500 jobs in five years.

The company plans to begin producing SUVs in North Carolina in two years.

On Thursday, VinFast will show WRAL News inside the high-tech factory in Vietnam. The facility also got built in two years.

Chatham County will juggle job growth, growing pains as VinFast builds $4 billion SUV plant