Editor’s note: Triangle entrepreneur and thought leader Jes Averhart, CEO of Jes & Co and host of the “Reinvention Road Trip,” is a regular WRAL TechWire contributor who explores topics pertaining to reinvention, especially prompted by the onset of the global pandemic. Her columns appear weekly.  


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Thanks. TechWire family, for the outpouring of interest in 28 Day Reinvention Road Trip. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m including a summary so you’re in the loop.

28 Day Reinvention Road Trip is 28 days devoted to you. Rev your engine as we go on a journey of self discovery, empowerment and vision casting. I’ll be your guide, riding shotgun beside you as we hit the open road with a cohort of women united in the pursuit of reinvention. We’ll hike the wilderness trails and peer into canyons; we’ll indulge in nourishing self-care. We’ll power up in the Empowerment Zone as we prepare to jump off your Comfort Cliff—your next right step!

28 Day Reinvention Road Trip consists of four themed weeks, bookended by live Zoom group coaching sessions and ending with a 2-hour in-person workshop.

The Reinvention Road Trip Journey

Lessons and activities are intentionally layered such that each day’s insight works together to lead you through four themed weeks of self discovery, acceptance, realization, courage-building and planning for lasting change and growth.

Daily exercises unlock your potential, open your mind to possibilities and help you make positive strides. From vision boards to kinetic activities, these exercises are rooted in psychology and behavioral science and are proven to get results.

Week 1: Superpowers Unleashed

A Week of Self-Discovery
Recognize your strengths
Find out how you show up to others
Identify (and FLIP!) the lies you tell yourself
Overcome impostor syndrome
Choose a life-giving mantra
Craft your highlight reel to remind you of your victories

Week 2: The Fire Within

Leverage Your Crucible Moments
What experiences made you the person you are today
What positive and negative assumptions you’ve adopted about life and its challenges
How to reframe your world view to maximize your ability to handle stress
Acceptance that you, as you are, are completely deserving of joy and success

Week 3: Your Growing Edge

Explore Your Comfort Cliff
Explore what you really want
Examine your core values
Build your legacy
Discover your next right step
Learn how to build the skills and confidence you need
Prepare to make lasting changes

Week 4: Spring Into Action

Make Your Action Plan
Learn how to create a mind map
Determine what kind of support you’ll need
Make your 30-day plan
Improve your Say-Do Ratio and become more of a finisher
Participate in a live 2-hour mind mapping workshop

Interested? The Summer Cohort hits the road July 17, so the deadline for signing up is July 10.

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