WINSTON-SALEM – Javara, a Winston-Salem company that partners with large healthcare organizations to deliver clinical trial access at the point of care through integrated research staff and infrastructure, has received what it called in a statement a “significant strategic growth investment in Series B funding.”

According to an SEC filing, the company raised slightly more than $30 million from two investors.

One of the investors is General Atlantic, according to the company’s statement.  The company, led by co-founder and CEO Jennifer Byrne, said in a statement that by providing access to “broad diverse patient populations through their trusted physician ensures clinical trials are completed with high enrollment and retention for quality data delivery.”

Javara’s model, which is calls “Clinical Research as a Care Option,” or CRAACO.

Byrne noted in the statement that the company’s vision is one where it will “transform clinical research delivery.”

The company will use the new funding to expand geographically, the statement noted.  Along with that expansion will come further technical advancements, according to the statement, better equipping Javara to “propel the integration of clinical research into the healthcare ecosystem.”

The company’s website also lists nearly 50 job openings.

Byrne said in the statement that the company, founded in 2018, is advancing a business and technology framework “whereby clinical trials are on the menu of care options for all patients within the entire healthcare system.”

The purpose of doing so, noted Byrne, is “to create a model that drives value across the industry for all stakeholders, while ensuring all patients have the access to the care they deserve.”

Javara CEO aims to improve patient participation in clinical trials

New directors

As a part of the Series B funding, two individuals associated with General Atlantic will join the Javara board of directors: Brett Zbar, M.D., the managing director and global head of life sciences at General Atlantic, and Joe von Rickenbach, a senior advisor at General Atlantic and co-founder and former chairman and CEO of PAREXEL International Corporation.

“We are thrilled to partner with General Atlantic to bring forth more investigators, increase diversity and more effectively address the unmet need of patients through the delivery of clinical research as a care option,” Byrne said in the statement.

“Our partnership with Javara is grounded in General Atlantic’s conviction that the integrated research model created by Jennifer and team offers a compelling alternative to traditional site-based clinical investigation, holding the potential to increase the efficiency and quality of clinical trials and ultimately, improve patient outcomes,” said Zbar in the statement.

In 2019, the company raised $3,775,600 in equity from nine investors according to an SEC filing.  The company went on to raise $4.6 million in equity from 11 investors in August of 2020, then added another $5,285,109 in equity from 12 investors in August 2021, according to filings.

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