DURHAM – Spiffy has released a new product, and its goal is to eliminate vehicle odors, ultimately boosting the satisfaction for drivers of fleet vehicles.

The product, Smart Tumbler, is a rechargeable device that the company said in a statement “combats odors and logistical headaches plaguing fleets nationwide.”

According to the company’s chief marketing officer, Grayson Leverenz, Spiffy clients told the firm that they measure success based on vehicle utilization and high customer satisfaction ratings.  “Fleet managers want to make sure their customers are happy to keep them coming back and sharing positive recommendations,” said Leverenz.  “If there are lingering odors in their rental vehicle, then customer satisfaction is definitely going to suffer.”

That’s why the company developed the Smart Tumbler™: odor in a vehicle correlates to lower satisfaction scores and can result in negative feedback.

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Here’s how it works

The rechargeable device that can fit in any vehicle’s cupholder delivers a water-activated chlorine dioxide (CIO2) gas throughout the interior cabin and ventilation system in the vehicle.  This eliminates and neutralizes the odors in the vehicle, the company said in its statement.

“Vehicle odors are nothing new for fleets, but post-pandemic, they have become a much greater challenge as customers are more aware of foul smells inside a car,” said Scot Wingo, the CEO of Spiffy in a statement. “With Smart Tumbler, our goal is to help fleet managers address the odors in their vehicles in a way that’s effective, reliable, and, most importantly, safe for anyone to use.”

The company itself designed and now manufactures the product, the statement noted.

“We gathered significant feedback from our own technicians and fleet customers throughout the design and manufacturing process. Chief among them was making sure that the device could operate on rechargeable battery power,” said Ryan Eade, Spiffy CTO.  “Customers can charge their Smart Tumbler overnight then use it for multiple services throughout the day, making it simple to move from car to car and eliminate odors across your entire fleet.”

The company has expanded in the prior two years, including adding franchise locations as well as corporate-run locations across the United States.

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