RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Google Fiber is increasing the speed of broadband to business customers to 2 gigabits – double the previously available offering – for the same price as 1G.

Bill Mosher, general manager of Google Fiber Business, explained in a blog post:

“When we launched our 2 Gig product [for residential] the number one question we got was, ‘When will this be available for business customers?’ We’re proud to say the wait is over! Customers can sign up today for our new Business 2 Gig product for $250 a month. (Yep, that’s the same price we offered SMB 1000 for previously — same low price, twice the download speed).”
The price of 1G service, meanwhile, was slashed to $100.
The move comes as Google faces increasing competition from providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile among others across the Triangle.
To sweeten the offer, Google Fiber is including “mesh extenders” for WiFi connectivity and a discount from Dialpad for telephone service.