CHARLOTTE – Brightspeed, a provider of broadband services built around communications provider Lumen, will build its headquarters in Charlotte and create more than 100 jobs as it expands staff to manage a networtk stretching across some 20 states.

The company was announced last November and has plans to invest some $2 billion in its efforts.

The headquarters will be located in Charlotte’s South End area and cover more than 27,000 square feet, the firm announced Tuesday.

“Brightspeed is thrilled to be setting down roots in Charlotte. The dynamic economy, customer community, employee talent pool, first-class real estate opportunities, and access to transportation all factored into our decision to select the Queen City as our new home base,” said Chris Creager, chief administration officer at Brightspeed, in the announcement.

“The Vantage South End property is a perfect fit that matches the spirit and energy of our growing team as we progress toward day one operations. Our goal is to create the kind of sustainable, high-performance workplace that will inspire our employees as we undertake our mission to improve and enhance internet access and Wi-Fi for new and existing customers throughout our operating territory,” he added.

Construction is expected to begin in May.

Brightspeed has also engaged industry-recognized and Charlotte-based architecture and engineering firm, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, to design its workspace, with construction operations commencing in May 2022.

The firm has plans for a  “fiber optics transformation is expected to reach up to 3 million homes and businesses over the next five years, including in many places where fiber and advanced technology have not historically been deployed.”

The company is being built around assets of Lumen Technologies.

Last November, Brightspeed disclosed plans for its network which will cover much of the southeast and midwest.