RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – The biotechnology company Curie Co. Inc., disclosed it has raised $12,110,522 from 13 investors, and that it could raise up to $16,500,000 in total, on an SEC filing signed yesterday by company president Erika Milczek.

According to the amended filing, the first investment occurred in September 2020.

A prior filing, in 2019, listed the company as located in Tennessee, and stated the company raised $775,000.

According to the company’s website, it “is making 100% sustainable ingredients” that it says can be used in well-known, favorite, mass-market products.  “Curie Co is an industrial biotech company that’s creating solutions to replace preservatives and biocides with sustainably derived ingredients that increase product shelf life,” the website reads.

The company is hiring for seven positions based in Durham, according to its website.