RALEIGH – All Things Open, the annual event focusing on all things open source and more which draws a global audience every year, is back in Raleigh for a mixture of live and virtual events. And the hosts are putting a big emphasis on safety due to COVID-19 even as guest speakers gather from around the world for a discussion of cloud, artificial intelligence, diversity and much more.

“We fully understand safety is top-of-mind for anyone considering the in-person event,” the hosts sayd. “And guess what? It’s top-of-mind for us too.”

Events include numerous ones at the Raleigh Convention Center, outside and inside.

“All rooms configured to maximize distance between attendees,” the organizers say.

“We’ve reconfigured rooms (ballrooms and breakout) to maximize distance between attendees. Our goal is 6-8 ft. of distance. Air walls have been dropped wherever possible, which works very well. In addition, the Convention Center is huge, making all of this a possibility.”

Key points for safety:

Attendance has been limited to decrease traffic/congestion

Proof of vaccination or negative test upon entry

Digital temperature check upon entry

Face covering mandate (inside only)

Keynote events

Here’s a breakdown on keynote events and subjects along with comments from the hosts:

Monday, October 18

Open Source: To Infinity and Beyond

Chris Wright, Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer, Red Hat

Why we love this talk:Chris is a phenomenal technologist and speaker and brings a unique enterprise open source perspective to the event.


Let’s Open Source Diversity and Inclusion

Demetris Cheatham, Senior Director, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategy, GitHub

Why we love this talk:

Diversity and Inclusion remain vital topics and always worthy of a keynote slot – it’s a must. Demetris brings unique insight to the conference based on the recent Open Source DEI survey and the Maintainers’ Listening Tour.


The Blueprint – How Web3 is Reshaping the Internet

Nader Dabit, Developer Relations Engineer, Edge & Node

Why we love this talk:

Web 3.0 is already reshaping the internet and will continue to do so moving forward in ways most can’t comprehend. Nader is in the middle of it and can help our community stay ahead of the trend and as a result, be better informed.


Into the Unknown: How Leadership, Ingenuity, and Perseverance Put a Rover on Mars

Adam Steltzner, Lead & Chief Engineer, MARS 2020 Mission, Rover Perseverance

Why we love this talk:

Not only are we enamored with space and its infinite possibilities, but the fact open source made a lot of the MARS 2020 Mission possible makes it that much more applicable and interesting to us. In addition, and quite ironically, “Into the Unknown” was the title of last year’s ATO poster and overall conference theme. Coincidence? We think not.


Tuesday, October 19

Those Who Can Do Should Also Teach

Ali Spittel, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS Amplify

Why we love this talk:

We love this talk for so many reasons, but first and foremost is the challenge and call-to-action it delivers. We firmly believe those that can do and have accomplished have an obligation to teach and help others if at all possible. In addition, Ali is a tremendous speaker and technologist.


The State of Open Source Databases in 2021

Peter Zaitsev, CEO & Co-founder, Percona

Why we love this talk:

Databases remain one of the most overlooked and taken-for-granted elements of technology and open source, yet they are vital in so many ways. And who better to discuss the current state of things than Peter, one of the foremost experts on planet earth. In addition, Percona, Peter’s company, is celebrating its 15th year anniversary this year – pretty cool.


Protecting your OSS project from supply chain attacks

Anne Bertucio, Program Manager, Security, Open Source Programs Office, Google

Why we love this talk:

Security and open source are two words that to this day still confuse people when used together, even in the open source space. A discussion on the topic from a world-class technologist like Anne makes perfect sense to provide clarify and education. We’ve wanted to feature a security-focused keynote on the security talk for a while, so this will be a treat.


Overcoming the Fear of Contributing to Open Source

Rizel Scarlett, Junior Developer Advocate, GitHub

Why we love this talk:
Helping others contribute is something we value mightily, and this talk does so much to provide that help. Rizel and her blog have encouraged many to get involved and contribute, and we can’t wait to hear more about it.