CONOVER – In an SEC filing, Textile-Based Delivery, Inc. says it has raised a bit more than $4 million, in a round that could end up resulting in as much as $10 million. The firm also is known as Nufabrx.

The company, which ranked in the top 1% of the 2021 Inc. 5000 list, or the 50th fastest-growing company in the United States with a three-year growth rate 6,684%, creates and manufactures garment products that successfully administer pain relief medicine to those who wear them.

“Garments deliver the same dose of medication simply by getting dressed the morning,” the Nufabrx FAQ website reads.  “Welcome to the future of medicine; we call it HealthWear.”

The technology developed by the company is clinically tested, FDA compliant, and patented, according to the company’s website.  The products are designed, the website reads, to “safely deliver active ingredients to your body through your skin’s interaction with the fabric.”

The company raised $4,011,235 from six investors, according to its filing.  The filing lists the total offering amount of $10 million.

Nufabrx disclosed that an estimated $100,000 of the funding will be “used for payments to any of the persons required to be named as executive officers, directors or promoters,” it reads.

The filing is signed by Jordan Schindler, listed as the company’s executive officer.