RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Novozymes will partner with Anuvia, a Florida-based company, to develop biotech products aimed at reducing need for synthetic fertilizers, the companies announced this week in a statement.

The products planned by the collaboration could be available in 2022, the companies stated.

“By pairing Anuvia’s sustainable products with Novozymes’ advanced biotechnologies, we are changing the paradigm of plant nutrition by making bio-nutrients a standard tool in commercial agriculture,” says Amy Yoder, CEO of Anuvia Plant Nutrients. “Through this partnership, we aim to double the nutritional value of Anuvia’s products without adding a single unit of synthetic nutrient or increasing the volume used.”

Included in the partnership is a combination of the Novozymes’ phosphate solubilizing microbial solution technology with Anuvia’s sustainable bio-based fertilizer products, the companies stated.  The goal of doing so is “to enhance macro-nutrient efficiency with a focus on phosphate,” the statement reads.

Novozymes operates its North American headquarters in Franklinton.

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