MORRISVILLE – Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD) has received a federal contract to develop what it called in a statement “an innovative system for the earlier detection of severe infection, including sepsis.”

The contract is worth $733,000, according to the federal contracts database.

The description of the project in the federal contract reads: “R&D for Rapid Mobile Triage Platform for Infection Severity and Sepsis, Using a 7-part Differential with Bands Plus IG.”

AAD said in its statement that the federal money, through the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority’s (BARDA) Division of Research, Innovation and Ventures, will fund part of the project.

“According to the CDC, the vast majority of sepsis cases — 87 percent — begin outside of a hospital,” said Joy Parr Drach, CEO of AAD in a statement. “Having a test system that in about two minutes can give results patient-side that are typically only available in a hospital setting would provide critical information and allow faster intervention for the patient.

The system will be used at point of care in prehospital settings, the company said in a statement, including urgent care facilities and in doctors’ offices.

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Sepsis is estimated to cause about 11 million deaths annually worldwide—nearly 20% of all deaths in the studied year, AAD noted in its statement.  The CDC notes that sepsis is a life-threatening medical emergency, and occurs when an infection a person already has triggers an additional reaction throughout the body.

The system, QScout® RLD+, will be developed as a “rapid-result hematology analyzer to capture a 7-part leukocyte differential, including quantification of band neutrophils and other immature granulocytes,” the company stated, adding that automated band counts and simultaneous IG counts would be a first in medicine.

The result, the company said, is that its system “will enable earlier identification of infection, including sepsis.”