RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – So, you’ve heard about career opportunities in North Carolina’s biopharma manufacturing field but want to know a little more before taking the leap. A career change can be intimidating, especially if you are transitioning from a completely different industry.

Below are insights that can help you carve a pathway toward a successful career in biopharma manufacturing. These are the top five questions we’ve received at Bio Jobs Hub from people who are interested in learning more about this opportunity, many of whom have never considered it as a career option.

1) What does a biopharma manufacturer do?

They make medicines! Manufacturers at biopharmaceutical companies work through standard operating procedures in specialized “good manufacturing practices” environments to make medicines that will then be administered in health care settings such as hospitals or clinics.

Examples of these products include flu vaccines, treatments for autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes and more.

Employees in the biopharma manufacturing field are doing important work — critical in fighting illnesses around the globe. Without workers to create these products, many people would remain debilitated from severe diseases.

2) What kind of degree is required?

Degree requirements vary depending on the position and company.

However, you can land entry-level positions at biopharma manufacturing companies with the completion of hands-on training courses such as BioWork. The BioWork certification is a great option for getting your feet wet.

The BioWork Certification Program:

  • Can be completed in 10 to 12 weeks (about three months)
  • Is offered at 10 NC community colleges
  • Has a strong focus on hands-on technical training and standard operating procedures
  • Includes job search, resume-building and interview topics

If you already have a college degree or some classes under your belt and want more hands-on training, the BioWork course is a fantastic complement to your existing education.

You can consider many training and degree options at your local community colleges or university.

3) How much does a biopharma manufacturer make?

Entry-level positions can range from a $42,000 to $60,000 starting salary on average.

4) Where can I find job opportunities?

Did you know that more than 4,000 jobs will need to be filled between now and 2028 in North Carolina’s biopharma manufacturing field? That’s a lot of opportunity.

If you’re interested in finding companies that are hiring near you, browse the company map on the Bio Jobs Hub. You can also search for open positions on the NCBiotech Jobs Board.

5) Do I need a science background to work in biopharma manufacturing?

Not at all! Many people of varying educational backgrounds have landed jobs in biopharma manufacturing. Some come from military backgrounds, retail or service industry experience, and other seemingly unrelated career interests.

Biopharma manufacturers are looking for people with technical training who are willing to learn and implement new processes alongside their teammates. If you’re a hard worker who’s able to follow directions and be successful in a collaborative environment, you’re already a great fit for biopharma manufacturing.

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Other resources and information about careers in the biopharma manufacturing industry can be found on the Bio Jobs Hub.

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