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RALEIGH – We got the opportunity to sit down with Aleksander Levental, co-founder and CEO of Feathr, to discuss his journey through entrepreneurship and how he got to be where he is today.


Based in Gainesville, Florida, Feathr unifies marketing efforts in a single platform that offers detailed analytics, targeted digital advertising, influencer marketing and more for underserved markets like associations, non-profits and charities.

Aleks and his co-founder Aidan started Feathr back in college at the University of Florida, but the company has changed quite a bit since their first idea. Aiden’s actual startup idea, the one he really wanted to pursue as a 21-year-old or 22 years old, was an app to replace business cards. The idea pivoted as time went on to an app that can be used at conferences and trade shows.

The issue that arose with this app was that there is a simplicity in handing someone a business card at a conference or in any interaction. With the app, the user had to be confident enough that the other person already had this app downloaded on their phone or else it would not be effective.

In the grand tradition of startups pivoting to find their best product/market fit, Feathr moved away from digital business cards to a niche marketing platform for associations. Aleksander keeps explaining how big of a role pivoting takes in startups and entrepreneurship because not only is your idea and product constantly changing, so is your relationship to your work and how you go about logistics.

A more current issue he is dealing with is adapting to the changes that COVID has left him with. Going from having every meeting in person and being able to bounce ideas off of each other to spending hours on a computer screen doing remote meetings was hard for the company as well as the morale of the employees. Another thing that was an unforeseen situation for Feathr was that they expected to reach 100% growth in terms of company performance and ended up around 30%. The entrepreneurial process was heavily slowed down with this shift in the workflow but the company still managed to push through while trying to keep its employees motivated.

Even though Feathr experienced its ups and downs they still, just 8 years into the business, raised over $10M and have about 100 employees.

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