RALEIGH – EDJX’s CEO John Cowan is ready to take your questions.

As part the new multimedia series, “Tomorrow’s Unicorns,” aimed at spotlighting the region’s homegrown talent, WRAL TechWire is hosting a LinkedIn Live chat with the co-founder of the edge-computing startup on Wednesday, Sept. 29 at 1pm.

The live video stream can be found on TechWire’s LinkedIn Page under EVENT or VIDEO. During the 30-minute stream, attendees can engage with the host and other viewers by reacting, liking or commenting in real time.

Once a stream is complete, it will remain on the feed of TechWire’s Page or profile as a video that was ‘Previously recorded live.’ Past chats with GDC’s Bill Spruill and Charles Gaddy, and Diveplane’s Michael Capps can be found here and here, respectively.

‘Edge computing’ is tech’s next frontier – and Raleigh startup EDJX is a pacesetter

“Tomorrow’s Unicorns: A look at Raleigh’s $1B startup pipeline” is a six-part series that is designed to be a snapshot of the different people and emerging technologies at play in Raleigh’s ecosystem.

Each week, it will feature a Raleigh-born, “Goldilocks” company — not too small, not too large — that is on track to becoming a $1-billion company. These are the region’s “future breakouts, big fundraisers, acquisition targets and (fingers crossed) IPOs.”

The series is produced with funding support from Innovate Raleigh and other partners.

LinkedIn Live “Chats with the Founder” Schedule:

  • Wednesday, 10/6 (12pm) – Pryon, Igor Jablokov
  • Wednesday, 10/13 (12pm) – Kaleido, Sophia Lopez and Steve Cerveny
  • Wednesday, 10/20 (12pm) – JupiterOne, Erkang Zheng

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