CHAPEL HILL – A new, Chapel Hill-based podcasting and vodcasting platform provider, Boomcaster, won’t require downloaded software and automatically creates a web recording backup, so files are never lost.

The platform will also provide features enabling content producers to livestream to Youtube and Facebook, the company said in a statement.

Here’s how it works to ensure high production quality, according to the company.  First, each participant in the interview is recorded locally, in real time, and uploaded to the company’s cloud platform.

“The result is studio-quality audio and video that is unaffected by network glitches or bandwidth issues,” the company noted in a statement.

That means that the quality of the audio recording won’t be impacted by the quality of a participant’s network connection.

“The best part of Boomcaster is knowing that I will get super-high-quality audio and video as separate tracks, regardless of the network-related issues like out-of-sync audio, grainy video, etc., that can happen during a podcast recording session,” said Raf Los, who has been using Boomcaster for producing the “Down The Security Rabbit Hole Podcast.”

The company was founded by Hari Gopalakrishna, who shared in a statement that he created the service after realizing the quality of podcasts fluctuated based on the bandwidth and strength of the internet connection.

At the time, Gopalakrishna needed to record separate tracks for editing, but also wanted to livestream while recording.  The only option was for each participant to download and install specialized software, noted Gopalakrishna in a statement, which “seemed daunting for us and our guests.”

Boomcaster pricing starts at $20/month and the service is now available.