RALEIGH – According to SEC filings, September 2021 has already been a busy month for fundraising, for both companies and investment firms.

Since September 1, the below companies have reported closing debt or equity financing from investors.

Triangle startup HomeCloud Inc., which plans to launch in November 2021 according to a LinkedIn profile, raised $400,000 in debt from six investors, and could raise an additional $100,000, according to an SEC filing.

Winston-Salem’s Javara Research has raised $5,285,109 from 12 investors and could raise more, according to an SEC filing.

Raleigh-based Medicom Technologies, Inc. raised $1 million in debt financing from an investor, which may also include an option or warrant, according to an SEC filing.

Oakwood Lending, a Raleigh-based private money lender for real estate investors, raised $250,000 from one investor, and could raise up to $2 million, according to an SEC filing.

Cary-based FYX Gaming, formerly known as Kronoverse, Inc. and also Thoughts in Motion Corp., raised $1,350,000 in debt financing, according to an SEC filing, that also notes “Promissory notes convertible into equity securities of the Issuer.”

SinnovaTek, a Raleigh-based food technology company, raised nearly $5 million in equity from a single investor, according to an SEC filing.

Charlotte-based Stork Exchange is set to raise $350,000 according to an SEC filing.

And CoRead AI, a Cary-based company, raised just over $1 million in equity from three investors, who according to the SEC filing, may receive preferred stock and capital stock in the company, with an estimated $140,000 anticipated as compensation for two persons mentioned in the filing as related to the company.

That’s about $14,285,000 raised in the first two weeks of September by North Carolina-based companies, with more funding potentially following.

But that amount pales in comparison to the amount of money raised by investment funds.

Charlotte private equity firm Falfurrias Capital Partners raises $850M in oversubscribed fund

In addition to the $850 million raised by Charlotte-based Falfurrias Capital Partners and the $170 million raised by Chapel Hill’s TrueBridge Capital Partners to fund other venture firms that WRAL TechWire reported last week, nearly $1.55 billion was announced raised by investment funds based in North Carolina.

That includes an amended SEC filing from Everstar Capital Appreciation Fund, which disclosed it had raised slightly more than $14 million, an SEC filing that discloses $1.6 million raised by IDEA Co-Investment Fund I, a new SEC filing from Storri Labs Opportunities Fund I, disclosing just more than $5 million raised, and $2.8 raised by Madison Charleston Opportunity Fund V, according to an SEC filing.

It also includes an amended SEC filing from Verger Capital Fund, which disclosed that it has now raised a total of $2,025,482,867 since 2014, with about $508 million raised in the last year and an amended SEC filing from Charlotte-based Snowball Fund, with about $7.6 million in new capital raised in the prior year.

That’s about $1.55 billion raised from North Carolina-based investment funds, announced in the last two weeks.

And more funding could come.  In a new SEC filing, Charlotte-based ExPre Holdings, LLC disclosed it plans to raise $26 million and in a new SEC filing, Charlotte-based MCG Tampa Investors Pref, LLC disclosed it plans to raise $13.2 million.