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MORRISVILLE – Lenovo, the world’s top PC seller and a growing provider of virtually all things tech from supercomputers to servers, smart devices and more, will showcase emerging products and applications at its TechWorld event on Wednesday.

It’s all virtual. The action starts at noon. You can tune in via the web at no charge. Register online.

“We are entering the next realitySmarter technology will take us thereExperience all on September 8 at #LenovoTechWorld 2021,” Lenovo says . The global tech conglomerate operates one of its two global headquarters in Morrisville. The other is in Beijing.

“This year, Lenovo’s visionary annual showcase will focus on the next reality as the world evolves into the post-pandemic era, enabled by smarter technology for all. Exclusive virtual sessions will be delivered by industry leaders as they offer unique insights on the innovations set to transform the way we live, learn, connect, and work over the course of the next year and beyond.”

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The event will include Lenovo executives such as CEO and Chair Yang Yuanqing as well as the CEOS at Microsoft, Intel, SAP, Deloitte Global, VMware and Nutanix.

“Smarter technology leads to smarter work and better results. We are entering a hybrid world, and technology will help it reach its full potential.”

Here are some of the events on the schedule:

Smarter Technology for the Next Reality

  • Yuanqing Yang
  • Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft
  • Punit Renjen, Deloitte Global CEO
  • Christian Klein, CEO, SAP
  • Raghu Raghuram, CEO, VMware
  • Rajiv Ramaswami, CEO, Nutanix
  • Pat Gelsinger, CEO, Intel

Discover what the next reality will look like and how the power of technology can be a liberating, empowering force to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. A hybrid workspace model isn’t just coming – it’s already here; and smarter technology is leading the way. Includes insights into breakthrough “as-a-service” solutions designed to fundamentally reshape IT services that can turn complexity into simplicity, uncertainty into better predictability, and “one-size-fits-all” into outcome-based solutions that fit customer needs. Discover how green, purposeful innovation will help build a better, sustainable future.

Lenovo Brain: Empowering Intelligent Transformation in the Next Reality

  • Yong Rui, SVP & CTO of Lenovo

Intelligent transformation will continue to accelerate with AI at its core. To unleash the huge potential of AI, a powerful AI platform is indispensable. Now, Lenovo has its own enterprise-grade AI platform – the Lenovo Brain. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies in AI model training and inferencing, and capable of automatically generating complete AI solutions for new domains and scenarios, it is becoming the key engine powering both Lenovo’s, and various industries’, intelligent transformation. Manufacturing, education, and healthcare, among others, are all getting a great boost from the Lenovo Brain’s powerful AI capabilities.

Sustainable Tech and the Circular Economy

  • Laura Quatela, SVP & Chief Legal Officer Lenovo
  • Stan Aranow, Vice President & Distinguished Advisor

Lenovo is focused on building a brighter, more sustainable future for our customers, colleagues, communities, and the planet. The past 18 months have reshaped the way we live our lives, and the way we spend our working days. Join this session to learn about Lenovo’s efforts to make tech more sustainable, and the incredible impact we can have as a global technology leader in areas like energy efficient tech and the circular economy.

Thriving in Hybrid – the Next Reality

  • Luca Rossi, SVP & President, IDG, Lenovo
  • Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding

The past year has shown us the importance of the role technology plays in our work and our lives. As home became the nucleus for most families, students, entrepreneurs and employees, technology was always at the forefront. As parts of the world re-open, we’ve seen a shift to a flexible “work, learn and connect-from-anywhere” hybrid model. We know that change is coming, and Lenovo is ready to go beyond hardware with a unique complement of smarter devices, services and solutions. Hear from Luca Rossi, along with Ducati, WPP and Microsoft, to learn how embracing smarter technology is helping enterprises and individuals in this new hybrid reality. You’ll also hear about Lenovo’s new innovations and future possibilities for what’s next.