BURLINGTON  — Life science giant Labcorp (NYSE: LH) is raising its minimum hourly wages to $15 effective this month, the company announced after the stock markets closed Thursday.

The previous minimum was $10.95, according to Reuters.

The increase is for non-union employees, Labcorp noted.

Labcorp has thousands of employees across North Carolina, including a growing presence in the Triangle.

“At the core of our ability to innovate and meet customer and patient needs is the diverse talent that we have across all of Labcorp,” said Adam Schechter, chairman and CEO of Labcorp, in a statement. “To that end, we will continue to invest in our employees. I am grateful for my colleagues at Labcorp who play such a critical role in delivering on our mission—through our continued fight against COVID-19 and in providing our patients and customers with the answers they need to make clear, confident health care decisions.”

Labcorp joins several other major companies in raising pay as the battle to find employees continues with millions of open jobs across the US.

Walmart, for example, is raising minium pay for may workers by $1 an hour to $12 later this month.

Walgreens, meanwhile, is upping minimum pay to $15 in October.

Rival CVS has disclosed plans for an increase to $15 an hour in July 2022, according to Reuters.