CHARLOTTE – Google Fiber is expanding its offering and service in the Charlotte area, according to an announcement posted on the company blog.

Neighborhoods in north and south Charlotte, as well as some condominium buildings and apartment buildings in uptown, already had access to Fiber service.  Now, the company has expanded its offering to the Hidden Valley neighborhood, and has plans to begin construction to provide service some of the towns and cities in the greater Charlotte area, including Concord and Matthews.

Google Fiber also offers service in parts of the Research Triangle area.

Fiber staff shared that in Charlotte, the company is participating in a program in partnership with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library Foundation, where it is assisting by equipping what it called in the blog post “mobile hygiene units” with Wi-Fi service.  Through partnerships with Project OutPour and Hope Vibes, the program will serve people experiencing homelessness in the region by providing a one-stop location where laundry can be completed, showers taken, and access to high-speed Internet is available.

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Further, Fiber shared that it has invested in Digital Charlotte’s Digital Navigator Program and has joined with some members of Tech Rising to launch the Tech Idea Incubator Fund, which the blog post describes as “a micro-grants program intended to seed innovative ideas from nonprofit organizations that are committed to eliminating the digital divide and fostering digital inclusion and equity.”

The company is hiring in Charlotte, according to the blog post.  The Google careers website lists one available role on the Fiber team in Charlotte, in customer acquisition.  Dozens of other roles at Google are currently listed as available jobs on the careers website, with locations that could be based in Charlotte or in the Triangle.