RALEIGH – Liine, a Raleigh startup that provides an lead capture platform powered by artificial intelligence for patient-centered medical businesses, has raised $200,000 in debt from one investor. It could raise as much as $800,000 more, according to an SEC filing.

Liine was founded in 2016 by CEO Bradley Blaser, COO Eric Blaser, and CTO Andrew Johnson.  All three cofounders attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, according to their LinkedIn profiles.

The company’s platform provides automated lead management, data capture and analysis tools, and can also assist practice owners and managers in training and manage staff responsible for patient bookings, the company’s website notes.

Liine says pricing for the software-as-a-service platform is all-inclusive and is based on total call volume, and the company reports that their platform has analyzed nearly 764,000 minutes of phone calls and captured more than 78,000 leads that turned into nearly 50,000 bookings for practices.


Image source: Liine website

The most recent filing comes less than a year after the company raised $900,000 in debt from 12 investors.

Prior to that fundraising round, the company raised $700,000 in equity, closing that round in April 2019.