RALEIGH – Steffes, a metal fabricator and manufacturer of various products, will locate a new plant in Cleveland County and create some 130 jobs over the next four years.

The plant will include laser equipment, robotcs and cranes to support heavy metal maufacturing.

Shelby is the county seat.

Jobs will pay an average wage of more than $47,000.

The North Carolina Department of Commerce Economic Development Committee approved a contract with the company Tuesday morning.

Steffes will receive some $1.6 million in tax incentives if job targets and other conditions are met.

The deal and another announced with life science firm Amgen are just the latest parts of an ongoing economic expansion in North Carolina. Some 100 new jobs announcements have been made across the state over the past year, according to data compiled by WRAL News. Those represent in total approximately 25,000 jobs.

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