APEX – A few weeks after an SEC filing showed that Apex startup TriggerMesh raised nearly $5 million from eight investors, the company’s co-founder and CEO Mark Hinklea says in blog that the round was led by Cisco Investments, with participation from existing investors Index Ventures and Crane Ventures.

According to Hinkle, the purpose of the investment from Cisco might be the company’s focus on cloud native integration, and TriggerMesh plans to use the funding to grow and bring technology to market, including expanding the company’s cloud native integration platform.

Cisco is in the process of constructing a new toolset, said Hinkle, “that spans all of your infrastructure, workloads, and applications, wherever they are, and brings them closer to your teams to accelerate workflows without compromises.”

Apex startup Triggermesh raises nearly $5M

Customers of Cisco will soon need to integrate on-premises and public cloud workloads, said Hinkle.  “That’s the TriggerMesh sweet spot for Intersight users.”

The funding will also provide the company capital in order to pursue go-to-market strategies, said Hinkle.

“In a world where cloud architectures have created decentralized services and applications, our investment in TriggerMesh reflects its potential to be a crucial building block for the creation of declarative, multi-cloud, event-driven, serverless and cloud-native applications and a key accelerator to our vision for the hybrid cloud future,” said Kaustubh Das, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Cloud & Compute.

A TriggerMesh product, Integration as Code™, allows the creation of an integration using a declarative API, which is exposed as Kubernetes objects.  Kubernetes, or K8, was originally designed by Google and is maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and is an open-source container-orchestration system that developers use for automating computer application deployment, scaling, and management.

“We are delighted to see organizations building cloud native applications on Kubernetes with both our integration-as-code approach for DevOps and our low-code, self-service portal for any enterprise,” Hinkle stated in a company press release in early June.

The company previously raised $3 million from Index Ventures and Crane Venture Partners, who also participated in this round, Hinkle said.

Cisco operates one of its largest corporate campuses in RTP.