CHARLOTTE – The Harvard Business School Club of Charlotte will deliver a 13-week management development program on consecutive Monday nights this autumn, based in person at Queens University, with the option for participants to join virtually.

The program, which the organization calls a “Mini MBA style course for mid-career executives” on its website, was entirely virtual in 2020, and will cost $4,000 to participate.

The program is open to all, the organization says on its website, and participants often come from a wide variety of industries, many of whom are sponsored by their employers, the organization said.  The course is taught using the case study method, uses Harvard publications, and is delivered by 26 Harvard Business School alumni, the organization states on its website.


Registration is now open, and the organization noted in a marketing email that spaces are limited.  Classes begin on September 13, and the course schedule is available online.

A brief description of class expectations, from the organization’s website:

“Students are required to read two cases in advance of each class and prepare their answers. At class, the instructor makes a short presentation, and then leads a dynamic debate over possible solutions. Discussion invokes vital aspects of management: making decisions quickly using imperfect/incomplete data; challenging assumptions; effectively communicating and negotiating with others; and changing business tactics or strategy as new insights are gained.”

The website also notes that this program is a non-credit course, and is not affiliated with the MBA Program at Harvard Business School.