RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Amazon is increasingly using algorithms as part of its human resources management and a result is that “bots” are firing workers, according to a report from Bloomberg news.

“Amazon became the world’s largest online retailer in part by outsourcing its sprawling operations to algorithms—sets of computer instructions designed to solve specific problems. For years, the company has used algorithms to manage the millions of third-party merchants on its online marketplace, drawing complaints that sellers have been booted off after being falsely accused of selling counterfeit goods and jacking up prices,” the news service reports.

“Increasingly, the company is ceding its human-resources operation to machines as well, using software not only to manage workers in its warehouses but to oversee contract drivers, independent delivery companies and even the performance of its office workers. People familiar with the strategy say Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos believes machines make decisions more quickly and accurately than people, reducing costs and giving Amazon a competitive advantage.”

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Amazon has a growing presence across North Carolina with thousands of employees.

Recently The New York Times took an in-depth look at how employees are managed at big Amazon warehouses and distribution centers.

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