GREENSBORO – 85% of adults expect their workplaces to continue or to implement a business-casual dress code when workers return to the office, whether in a hybrid scenario where they work a few hours each day or a few days each week, or otherwise.

But the definition of “business-casual” may be changing in the minds and attitudes of Americans.

Those findings come from Kontoor Brands, the parent company of Wrangler® and Lee®, which conducted the survey.

For example, fewer people plan to wear dress pants or dress skirts when they return, as the survey found that 36% plan to do so, a decrease of 7 points.  On the other hand–or leg, you might say–39% of people expect to wear jeans at the office, a 7 point increase.

“With the trends and expectations we’re seeing, employers should consider rewriting the ‘business-casual’ definition,” said Scott Baxter, president and CEO, Kontoor Brands, in a statement. “What the survey findings suggest is employees prefer their clothing to provide a seamless transition between their evolving professional and personal roles.”

Survey respondents also noted that a refresh of their current wardrobe may be coming in the near future, as 84% reported they plan to change or upgrade their current clothing.  On average, the survey found that adult workers plan to spend $445 on new clothes, with 82% saying they plan to buy new jeans in the next 12 months.

Respondents to the survey also indicated a desire for their clothes to provide an easy transition from an office environment to social events. For example, according to the findings, consumers indicated they’re likely to wear jeans for a night out with friends (73%), a concert or live performance (70%) or date night (63%). And a surprising number said they plan to wear jeans to more formal events, such as weddings (31%).