Just how much have the public disclosures made in the days following his divorce cost Bill Gates in terms of public persona – not money?

A lot.

So concludes Bloomberg News in a story written by Austin Carr.

The headline reads: “Bill Gates’s Carefully Curated Geek Image Unravels in Two Weeks”

Gates’ “populist persona popped on May 3, when Bill and Melinda French Gates announced they were splitting up after 27 years of marriage. Unflattering particulars quickly emerged, including reports that Bill had an extramarital affair and pursued other office romances with employees at Microsoft and the humanitarian foundation that carries their names. In a divorce filing, Melinda said their relationship was “irretrievably broken.” The question now is whether Bill’s reputation is, too.”

Carr notes that gates wasn’t always perceived as he is own – philanthropist and more.

“Good deeds bought good will. His and Melinda’s annual foundation letters grew more popular than Microsoft product launches (albeit a low bar). Media scrutiny mostly vanished, replaced by perpetual guest-editor spots at major publications lusting after Bill’s world-changing ideas,” Carr writes.

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