CARY – Reuters news service headlined its day 2 coverage of the Epic Games-Apple anti-trust trial “Judge presses Epic CEO …,” and Raleigh attorney Jim Verdonik who is providing analysis of the legal showdown to WRAL TechWire says Apple witnesses such as Tim Cook can expect to be pressed from the bench.

“I was a bit surprised that the judge didn’t leave it to Apple’s lawyers to press these points [about Epic’s challenge of Apple’s app store controls]. Then I remembered that this isn’t a jury trial,” Verdnonik said early Wednesday.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers is running the trial at a US District Court in Oakland, Calif., and she quizzed Epic CEO Tim Sweeney on Tuesday.

“In a jury trial the judge tries not to influence the  jury by asking questions,” Verdonik explained.

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“I have learned over the years to never place too much importance on the nature of a judge’s questions. Remember that most judges really are trying to reach a fair verdict that is consistent with the law.

“One way they do that is to ask skeptical questions from both sides to ascertain the truth.”

Verdonik said to expect more tough questions.

“Obviously, Epic’ s lawyers weren’t  going to ask their star witness the toughest questions. So, the judge did,” Verdonik noted.

“I expect the judge will ask tough questions of the witnesses on both sides. I note that the best lawyers anticipate this and ask the questions before someone else does.”

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