CARY – Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, says he and the company are “confident” entering its closely watched anti-trust showdown with Epic Games.

The trial in a federal court in California is set to begin on Monday.

“The App Store has been an economic miracle. Last year, the estimates are that there was over a half a trillion dollars of economic activity because of the store. And, so, this has been just an economic gamechanger for not only the United States, but several countries around the world. And, we’re going to go in and tell our story. And we’ll see where it goes. But, we’re confident,” Cook told CNBC in an interview Wednesday after Apple posted another strong financial report.

Epic and Apple were long-time business partners before the legal fight erupted last year.

On Monday, Apple announced plans to build a $1 billion campus and create 3,000 jobs in the Research Triangle region.

Epic sued Apple over app store policies, including a 30% fee that privately-held Epic considers a tax. The Cary firm developed a workaround for in-app purchases of its globally popular game Fortnite. Apple retaliated by expelling Epic but a judge later ordered Apple to limit its ban to Fortnite-related activities, not Epic’s other offerings such as its widely used Unreal game engine.

CNBC noted Epic is not alone in expressing concerns about the app store. “Apple’s App Store has been challenged by lawmakers and companies that say it costs too much and has too much power,” CNBC said.

Epic also is challenging Apple in Australia, the European Union and in the United Kingdom.

Earlier this week the Financial Times reported that the EU may take action against Apple this week in a case involving concerns from other firms beyond Epic.