DURHAM – Under a partnership announced this week, Durham-based Precision Fermentation will use its flagship Internet of Things (IoT) solution to deliver live fermentation data directly into The 5th Ingredient’s flagship brewery management software, Beer30™.

The partnership will allow brewery staff to increase efficiency in production, reducing the need for manual interventions during the brewing process.

The real-time data from the collaboration, BrewMonitor®, will allow brewers to track all operational actions and ingredients, said Jared Resnick, founder and CEO of Precision Fermentation, in a statement.

The data is streamed, live, from inside each fermentation tank.

Adding live, high-resolution fermentation data not only greatly reduces the overhead and inconsistency of manual sampling, but it also finally puts in the hands of brewery staff the ability to correlate detailed results from all brewery processes at a single glance and with high accuracy,” said Resnick. “This integration offers a leap forward in quality assurance that can have a major impact on any brewery’s bottom line.”