CHARLOTTE — North Carolina’s future workforce expects employee engagement programs, and the latest research from Charlotte-based human resource management company isolved found that the majority of human resources leaders believe that recruiting and retaining talent in 2021 will be more challenging than in prior years.

Within that context, the company announced the acquisition of the workplace philanthropy platform Givful, and has brought on board a new company executive.

The acquisition will enable isolved to provide clients, through its platform, to deploy game theory strategies to enhance giving and volunteering, create giving and volunteering events, and send messages regarding giving and volunteering, as well as providing one-time or recurring donations through payroll and providing methods to share contributions made in the community with colleagues as well as external parties, it said in a statement.

“With the acquisition of Givful, isolved will now offer our own integral giving and volunteering capabilities as standard, the first of its kind in the mid-market,” said Mark Duffell, isolved CEO, in a statement.

The company has also appointed Kerrin Jesson to its Network Leadership Team, who will lead professional employer organization enablement to expand the company’s partner ecosystem.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to join a company dedicated to transformative employee experience and to deliver a ‘next generation’ platform for PEOs and their customers,” said Jesson in a statement. She will be responsible for adding value to the company’s clients through the company’s core product, an intelligently-connected human capital management solution.