RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – According to the Downdetector website, there’s been an increase in reported outages for some Google products, including Drive, Gmail, and Workspace in the Raleigh metropolitan area, in the past 24 hours.

That includes an outage reported by Capitol Broadcasting Company, the parent company of WRAL TechWire, which reported an outage shortly after 7 a.m. and notified employees that users were unable to consistently reach any Google site. Included were search, Youtube, Gmail, and locations hosted by Google Sites.

According to a member of the IT – Service Desk team at Capitol Broadcasting who is monitoring the reported issues, the internet along the entire east coast seems to be getting even more unstable as more services are shifting loads, and that other websites that may seem unrelated to Google but may have Google Analytics code embedded within them are also loading more slowly than normal.

On Monday, Google reported the findings from what it termed a “Mini Incident” where certain Google Services, including Google Docs, Drive, Classroom, Sheets, and Slides, was affected for nearly three and a half hours whenever a user attempted to perform any action that required new document creation, on mobile devices, laptops and desktops, and through its offline features.

One user of Downdetector, posting using the name Alonso, reported mid-morning receiving an error message describing an internal server error, commenting that the error message said engineers had been notified and were working to resolve the issue.

But it may not be an issue with Google, said the Capitol Broadcasting Company IT employee, as the latest information, as of 1:15 p.m. eastern time, implies that the issues reported may be caused from a Lumen/CenturyLink/Level3 peering issue in the mid-atlantic region.

The CenturyLink peering policy is posted on the company’s website, and Slacker News reported on an analysis of a prior peering issue that impacted internet connectivity in August 2020.