ASHEVILLE — EliteHRV has brought in $4.5 million in new investments to accelerate the deployment of a new technology the company plans to bring to market, founder and CEO Jason Moore told WRAL TechWire this week.

The Asheville company launched in 2017 to help people reach health and performance goals, and uses an app and web platform to provide heart rate variability (HRV) metrics to its users, as well as providing insights to help users understand their personal data.

According to the company, their technology has been used to analyze more than 3.5 billion HRV intervals for more than 500,000 users across the globe, and works with more than 100 research partners including Harvard Medical School, High Performance Sport New Zealand, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Still, the company is planning to deploy new technology, Moore told WRAL TechWire this week.

“We have been working on some new disruption technology that is still in stealth mode behind the scenes and not ready to reveal yet,” said Moore.  “The funding is mostly going towards that. Investors from all over the globe have been trying to get in on it, that’s why we let a little more money in so soon.”

The company reported an investment just north of $3 million in a January 2021 SEC filing, and reported an additional $600,000 in a March 2021 filing with the SEC, that listed $900,000 remaining to be sold.

“We’re growing quickly and attracting top talent from many locations,” said Moore.  The company lists employees based across the country, and some international positions as well, and is currently hiring senior software engineers and machine learning engineers, according to the company website.

The company was a recipient of a 2018 NC IDEA SEED grant, and one of six startups from Asheville that participated in a statewide bus tour in 2019.

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