Ever get lost in a shopping mall? Or need help finding a store? Google Maps is rolling out help.

A new feature “uses augmented reality to navigate malls, airports, and train stations,” CNN reports.

Indoor Live View “shows graphics like arrows, directions, and icons on your smartphone’s screen, laid atop a camera view of the world around you,” CNN says. “It can be used to help you find a store in a shopping mall or a bathroom at an airport, for instance. The feature is more interactive than Google Maps’ existing indoor maps, and expands on a similar feature for city-street navigation that launched in 2019.”

Also, Googe Maps will soon add “app will also show users the most eco-conscious driving route, by default, if a route that uses less fuel (which will be determined by considering factors such as road incline and traffic density) is estimated to be about as fast as another route,” CNN says.

And also coming: See the weather and air quality at a travel destination.

Read more online at: https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/30/tech/google-maps-airport-mall-navigation/