RALEIGH – Capitol Broadcasting Company has launched Capitol B Creative Studios — a new agency that will offer clients in the Triangle and beyond strategic brand, marketing, and creative services.

“If 2020 showed us anything, it is that the world can change in an instant,” said Chris Weatherly, General Manager of WRAL Digital Solutions, and now, Capitol B Creative studios.  “Brands and businesses must be able to adapt quickly and authentically.”

The digital marketing services offered by the company through WRAL Digital Solutions have since 2017 been a “one-stop-shop” for digital advertising solutions, said Weatherly in an interview with WRAL TechWire.  Clients have worked with WRAL Digital Solutions, to implement tactical advertising to expand their audience and extend their brand online, work that will continue, noted Weatherly.

“At Capitol Broadcasting, we’ve always prided ourselves on what we do to meet our clients,” said Weatherly. “Capitol B Creative Studios is the next iteration of that evolution, trying to meet emerging client needs.”

The impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on small businesses, said Weatherly, demonstrated an emerging need for businesses to better understand their customers and their audience, and how those customers perceive their brand.  “What does the marketplace think about the products and services that we offer,” Weatherly said businesses are considering.  “How do we position that, how do we tell stories around that, how do we stand out, and how do we do that across all the different creative iterations that exist?”

That’s where the new creative studio, Capitol B, comes in, he explained. Clients may choose to work with the agency for a short campaign or a one-off project, or a multi-year initiative, he said.  Clients who already have a strong brand position and brand strategy but need assistance on the tactical implementation of digital advertising may best be suited to work with WRAL Digital Soultions, he noted, “but if somebody is coming to us and saying, okay, we need somebody at the table with us to really guide us and help us understand and identify where we need to be investing our time and resources,” across social, digital, brand, and other creative work, that firm is best suited to work with Capitol B, said Weatherly.

The firm works with data aggregators, organizes brand development, orchestrates focus groups, and has a comprehensive process in place to assist clients, said Weatherly.  The new agency will also help businesses address two major trends in advertising, said Weatherly, including the shift in personalized marketing tactics and in establishing a brand that means something beyond its products or services.

According to the company, creative director Jeff Wood, who has worked with brands like Samsung, Microsoft, Pepsi, Covergirl, the NBA, and Mountain Dew, was hired by Capitol Broadcasting Company in 2019 to lay the groundwork for the new agency. The company has made additional hires to support the team and the vision to serve clients in three core areas: business intelligence, brand identity, and comprehensive creative.

In an interview conducted via Zoom, Weatherly talks with WRAL TechWire’s Jason Parker about Capitol B: