The founder of the WallStreetBets is heading to Hollywood.

Jaime Rogozinski, the investor who started the subreddit that shook up Wall Street, has signed with United Talent Agency, the company confirmed to CNN Business on Wednesday.

The news was first reported by Bloomberg.

The agency reps some of biggest stars in Hollywood including Kevin Hart, Jessica Alba and Seth Rogen.

WallStreetBets, which has more than 9.5 million followers on Reddit, sparked a trading frenzy earlier this year that sent share prices of stocks such as GameStop and AMC to unprecedented highs — and devastating lows.

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The boom or bust nature of the group’s investing tactics has perplexed many on Wall Street while spurring on a long-running battle between everyday investors and some of the market’s biggest short-sellers.

Sounds like a great plot for a movie, doesn’t it? Well, that’s why the phenomenon has also sparked interest from several Hollywood studios.

There are reportedly multiple projects in development regarding WallStreetBets’ rise, including a film from Netflix and one from producers Jason Blum and Andrew Ross Sorkin for HBO, which is owned by CNN’s parent company, WarnerMedia.

Rogozinski also reportedly sold the rights to his life story to RatPac Entertainment. The deal was in the “low six figures,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Rogozinski, who founded the Reddit group in 2012, told CNN in January that he never envisioned WallStreetBets becoming what it is today.

“I predicted the trajectory where things were going, but by no means did I predict the timing or the magnitude,” Rogozinski told CNN’s Julia Chatterley. “I can’t imagine that I ever envisioned this happening.”

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