DURHAM – Durham’s 410 Medical, Inc. has launched sales in the United States of its LifeFlow PLUS Blood and Fluid Infuser, following its U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance in 2020.

The LifeFlow product line delivers fluids to critical patients in a quick and controlled fashion.

The new LifeFlow Plus (410 Medical photo)

The company’s first LifeFlow product, the LifeFlow Fluid Infuser, supplied general fluids to critical patients with complications like sepsis.

The new LifeFlow PLUS product can transport crystalloids, blood and blood components in a similarly efficient system, answering a previously unmet need in rapid blood delivery.

The company says this product will be transformative in treating hemorrhages, or ruptured blood vessels often triggered by a trauma. Hemorrhages are the leading causes of death for people under 46 years old, and a significant number of these deaths occur before the patient enters the hospital. Quick blood delivery has been shown to improve patient outcomes, and LifeFlow PLUS is the first lightweight rapid system to accommodate most IV sizes.

Its portable nature renders itself uniquely to trauma site usage, in addition to hospital use. Hemorrhagic shock requires immediate fluid resuscitation, which LifeFlow PLUS allows emergency medical technicians to perform onsite. This immediate response can stabilize a crashing patient and help prevent future complications.

“The device, manufactured in-state by Robling Medical of Youngsville, N.C., is disposable, designed for single-patient use.”

With LifeFlow PLUS on the U.S. market, medical professionals around the country can respond to conditions that could be fatal quickly and efficiently, saving patients’ lives. 410 Medical plans to establish its product as the standard for fluid resuscitation, expanding partnerships with the military, surgical teams and trauma teams.

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