RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled its Mesh platform that’s already being touted as the “virtual future” of meetings.

Combining augmented reality and virtual reality, Mesh appears as if it has been ripped from the special effects house of a movie studio.

Here’s what some of the top tech news publications reported about Mesh:

“Microsoft Mesh will teleport you in AR and VR to play with others across lots of devices …

“I entertained a guest at home last week, but he wasn’t really there.

“I had a Microsoft HoloLens 2 on my head, visor down, in my dusty upstairs office. Hovering in the room was a holographic table. And then, a cartoon avatar of Alex Kipman, Microsoft’s technical fellow in charge of mixed reality.”

Read more at this link from Cnet.

“Mesh is a collaborative platform that allows anyone to have shared virtual experiences on a variety of devices. ‘This has been the dream for mixed reality, the idea from the very beginning,’ explains Kipman. ‘You can actually feel like you’re in the same place with someone sharing content or you can teleport from different mixed reality devices and be present with people even when you’re not physically together.'”

Read more at The Verge. 

“Microsoft Mesh, the company’s ambitious new attempt at unifying holographic virtual collaboration across multiple devices, be they VR headsets, AR (like HoloLens), laptops or smartphones. Powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud, Mesh isn’t just an app, it’s a platform that other developers can use to bring remote collaboration to their own software. If remote work is here to stay — and by most accounts, it is — Microsoft wants to be the company taking us beyond Zoom video chats, and towards holographic experiences that everyone can join.”

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