Remember that kid in school who thought they had superior, unimpeachable taste in music, and yours was supremely uncool?

Somebody trained an AI to be that person.

The bot “How Bad is Your Spotify,” brought to you by digital publication Pudding, will analyze your Spotify account and give you its thoughts on just how cringe-worthy your taste in music is.

That is, if you give it permission to access your profile — and if you are equipped to handle being roasted mercilessly by a bot in a year when, frankly, listening to questionable music is just another way of coping with… *gestures at universe.*

This bot has no patience for any of your guilty pleasures. If it sees too much Taylor Swift (and let’s face it, it probably will), it’ll point that out. It’ll wonder, with a disparaging air of incredulity, if you listen to certain songs. It’ll also react to some of your most-played music asking you if you’re OK — a condition we are all very clearly not in 2020. So that feels gratuitous.

Finally, the AI will tell you just how bad your taste in music is, qualifying it with labels that feel oddly specific, including, but not limited to, “learns-about-rap-from-tiktok bad” or “scented-candle-and-hard-seltzer bad.”

Spotify’s “2020 Wrapped” was all positive reinforcement, neatly packaged and made to share on social, but people who go through the dragging that is “How Bad is Your Spotify” are also sharing their results on social media to demonstrate just how hard the AI came for them.

If you want to be bullied by a piece of technology today, be our guest.