RESEARCH TRIANGLE — Chapel Hill-based, an agricultural technology company, has raised $775,000 in a debt round with a $1 million goal, according to a regulatory filing.

Fifteen investors contributed to the raise, which suggests the company is selling options and securities, although we have not confirmed this.

The company raised $750,000 in equity in 2018. develops a plant-able technology called Earthstream that calibrates and measures relevant data including light, soil moisture and temperature to help farmers, among others, make decisions on labor, water and raw materials, according to the company website.

Its motto is “To Give the Earth a Voice.”

AgTech forms a significant cluster in North Carolina and the Research Triangle in particular In addition to most of the major companies in the space, the area has generated many AgTech startups from its three research universities, spinouts from larger firms, and executives and employees trained at those larger firms. The North Carolina Biotechnology Center holds bimonthly AgTech meetings virtually during Covid, but at the Center in more normal times.


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Earthstream users can analyze the data through the analytics platform. The company partners with non-profit organizations and local and regional groups.

Currently, the technology is primarily used on golf and turf, agriculture, small farms and gardens.

BOA Nutrition feeds on equity round

BOA Nutrition, which raised $1.35 million in equity of a round aimed at $1.5 million, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to its Linked In page, Raleigh-based BOA Nutrition, Inc. is a nutraceutical company based in North Carolina. It explains, “We are developing products with novel ways to rapidly deliver essential nutrients so athletes of all ages and levels can optimize their performance.”

It was founded in 2019 and reports from 2-10 employees, 2 on Linked in.

Its website is “under construction.”

TechWire asked Jon Pritchett, listed on the filing as a director, for more details via an email. He replied the company has nothing further to say at this time.