RALEIGH – Operating in stealth mode, a video game startup in Raleigh led by former staff at Epic Games has landed $5 million in cash, a big-name investor and an accomplished artist is ramping up for business.

The name is LightForge, and the team has plenty of video game industry credibility.

In a securities filing, LightForge disclosed raising $5 million in equity from 10 investors.

Matt Schembari, former director of user interface for Epic and a veteran of megahit Fortnite, is the CEO. He signed he filing.

Matt Schbari (LinkedIn photo)

“So we’re not ready to announce our studio yet, but I can confirm that we are indeed a studio focused on video games,” Schembari, who left Epic earlier this year, tells WRAL TechWire.

“We’re soft-targeting a January announcement, and we’re happy to share more detail about who we are and what we’re doing as we get closer to that date.”

While the investors were not identified in the filing, one of those signing the form is Sam Englebardt, Managing Partner at Galaxy Interactive in New York.

And Glenn Rane, who has an extensive resume in video game art, signed as an executive and promoter.

His resume includes work on:

  • Marine StarCraft II.
  • Zealot StarCraft II.
  • Jim Raynor StarCraft II.
  • Arcturus Mengsk StarCraft II.
  • Zeratul StarCraft II.
  • Tassadar StarCraft II

Other former Epic employess involved include:

  • Nathan Fairbanks, a senior producer
  • Dan Hertzka, lead programmer