DURHAM – Virginia-based DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) has formed a new relationship with Infinia ML to further advance machine learning and data analytics to help customers manage and drive stronger performance and value from their IT estates.

DXC Technology helps global companies run their mission-critical systems and operations while modernizing IT, optimizing data architectures, and ensuring security and scalability across public, private and hybrid clouds.

DXC said it will utilize Infinia ML machine learning capabilities across its Enterprise Technology Stack to automate document processing, boost performance of mission-critical IT systems, guide enterprise decision making, and enhance customer service/support.

In addition, Infinia ML will audit artificial intelligence (AI) systems to ensure they perform at the highest level.

Durham-based Infinia ML Infinia ML applies and audits machine learning. Applications include automated document extraction, advanced text classification, and content mapping..

“Infinia ML has a proven ability to bring machine learning out of the lab and into the real world, and its capabilities align well with the ‘new DXC’, which is focused on our customers and our people,” said Vinod Bagal, executive vice president, DXC in a statement.

“Through advanced machine learning and analytics capabilities, we will deliver new data-driven experiential opportunities, including information-rich teaching and training programs, to improve business impact and performance for our customers and everyone they serve.”

“With its deep expertise, customer-focused offerings, and global scale, DXC has the ability to reshape entire industries through applied machine learning,” said Infinia ML’s Chief Scientist Larry Carin. “We’re thrilled to be a part of that journey.”