You’re building something — an application, software, a new digital platform — and you realize you can’t do it alone. You need tech talent — strong tech talent. So you work the numbers, set aside a healthy salary and hire a recruiter.

We understand the world of IT recruiting. Some of our team members spent decades doing just that. And in that experience, they came to realize that hiring full-time tech talent to bring in-house isn’t always the best way to build the technology you need. After all, the recruitment process itself is flawed, frustrating, expensive and, many times, ineffective.

Let us tell you why…

For one, recent years have created a sellers’ market in the tech sector. Just one year ago, in August 2019, there were 29,410 open technology jobs in North Carolina alone — way more jobs than there were qualified people to fill them. The pandemic has undoubtedly affected all aspects of the job market, but, at the same time, it has created a new normal in which technology has never been more critical.

Experts are predicting that whatever decreases in hiring have come in the immediate wake of COVID-19 will be offset by future needs and openings. Resources will once again prove scarce, and when resources are scarce, companies often have to compromise on qualifications or bend to the demands of a prospective hire — because, more often than not, if you find a good candidate, he or she is interviewing at five other companies just like yours.

Suddenly, the search for “great” tech talent becomes the hunt for “good enough.” And even that takes times, and money.

The average search can take anywhere from three to six months. The standard recruiting fee is 20 percent of the candidate’s salary. And once you find someone, there’s the investment in onboarding, training, benefits, relocation.

Then, there’s the cost of starting the process all over again one to two years down the line, when the talent you hired leaves you for the next opportunity.

All of that prompts some very important questions: How do you increase your talent pool when talent is really scarce? How do you alleviate the frustration of hiring candidates with zero company loyalty? And above all, how do you make sure you get what you need as fast as possible, so your company can build and grow?

We clearly need to do a better job, as a country, of producing the next generation of software developers and engineers. But what is the solution for right now? The companies giving North Carolina its status as a rising entrepreneurial hub can’t afford to wait.

At Dualboot Partners, we offer a solution: We allow companies to replace the wild card of a new hire with a highly qualified, proven team so you know what you’re getting right from the start.

We help businesses save on salaries and recruitment fees so they can invest in the product they’re building.

And we spare entrepreneurs and business leaders the time and frustration inherent in the hiring process because, let’s face it, your energy is better spent elsewhere. If down the road you find the perfect candidate, we can help you transition, but we think you’ll find we’ve raised the bar.

We’re a company of entrepreneurs. We know what it takes to build a product and a business. And we’re committed to giving our clients just that.

That’s why we’re here. We’re all about solving problems, and we’re ready to get started.

Tina CochraneTina Cochrane
Tina has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry working in the technical recruiting space. Most recently, Tina joined Dualboot Partners to open up their RTP division. Dualboot Partners is a full-stack software development organization that specializes in web and mobile applications development. Over the years, Tina has served on several local boards and worked with multiple non-profit organizations to give back to the community. She is an active member of local organizations such as NC Tech Association, CED, The Alliance of Women in Tech Leadership, WIT, and many more.
Michelle CovielloMichelle Coviello
Michelle has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and currently works for Dualboot Partners. Prior employers include HireNetworks, DCRI, a national staffing and recruiting firm, and the Sapient Corporation. Michelle is also a strong community connector. She is an Advisor for the NC Tech Association and was named their Ambassador of the Year. She recently joined the Apparo IT For Non Profits Board of Directors and runs their corporate sponsorship committee. She is an active member of SIM Charlotte, SIM Women, and Ballantyne/Lake Norman IT groups. She graduated from Boston College (Go Eagles!) and lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband Chip, children Charlie and Nicole, and their dog Milo.