WRAL TechWire keeps making weekly updates to keep content fresh and relevant in our exclusive Triangle Startup Guide.

This week, we added three new COVID-19 resources for local businesses that need a boost in the current economic environment.

We also added a new VC funding source for startups seeking capital.

Here’s a brief summary of this week’s updates:

COVID-19 Updates:

We added three new items to our list of COVID-related resources:

VC Funding Sources:

We also added a new venture capital firm to our list of VCs and angel groups:

  • Oval Park Capital: This Raleigh-based venture capital firm is focused on technology and enterprise software startups in the Southeast. The firm particularly seeks early-stage startups with proprietary technologies aiming to solve costly problems in large, inefficient industries.

Oval Park invested a year ago in Applied Life Sciences & Systems.

“Oval Park Capital is an “early and active” venture capital firm that invests in disruptive deep technology and enterprise software companies in undercapitalized markets in the Southeastern United States,” the VC firm says at its LinkedIn site.

“We partner with exceptional founders and take an active company-builder approach to helping our portfolio companies accelerate growth, mitigate risks and increase the probability of success, and ultimately create sustainable long-term value for the company, their customers, and their stakeholders. Oval Park typically invests between $500,000 and $2,000,000 in Seed through Series A stage companies. While Oval Park is generally industry-agnostic, the majority of its portfolio companies operate in large, inefficient, global industries where scientific and engineering breakthroughs can rapidly generate large efficiencies and cost savings.

“Some of these industries include agricultural, food, animal health, clean energy, financial, cybersecurity, real estate, and industrial technologies. Oval Park does not invest in human therapeutics, human medical devices, or any social or other media companies. We employ a rigorous screening process that results in investments in only 1 in every ~100 companies we evaluate.

“Common characteristics of our portfolio companies include: Innovative and disruptive technology, “unfair” competitive advantage, strong customer value proposition, profitable unit economics, strong competitive positioning, proven go-to-market strategy, positive customer validation/feedback, large addressable market, exceptional founders and team, near-term value creation catalysts, numerous long-term exit strategies, positive social/environmental impact, attractive risk-adjusted return on investment, synergies with other portfolio companies, and opportunity for Oval Park to directly add value.”

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