RALEIGH – Introducing NC Grind, a new site launched by CrowdfundNC that aggregates platforms offering private “backyard investment opportunities” across the state — all in one place.

“CrowdfundNC has always been dedicated to providing education and access for founders to raise capital, and investors to support the businesses in their backyard,” said its community manager Anya Johnson.

“We took a step back to re-think our processes, and decided that the best way to serve our community is to have dedicated resources for founders and investors. With 55-plus platforms that host opportunities, our regional focus unites the multi-faceted entrepreneurial ecosystem in North Carolina.”

In addition to serving as a resource, it’s also focused on education and networking.

Through partners, newsletters, events and social media, it aims to let people know that opportunity exists. It also plans to host investor education networking events where attendees can hear from industry professionals and entrepreneurs that are changing the landscape across the state.

“Many people just don’t know that they can invest in the companies coming out of their backyard,” she said. “Whether the next brewery, coffee shop, or medical technology company, there are many opportunities that we want to bring into the light.”

CrowdfundNC, meanwhile, still exists and will focus on founder news.

Back in 2019, local entrepreneur and investment broker William McGuire started CrowdfundNC. Its mission: to grow North Carolina’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by democratizing access to capital for all businesses.

How it works: qualified businesses work with CrowdfundNC, and its partner Localstake, a licensed broker-dealer, use equity crowdfunding to seek investment from their fans.

Localstake and CrowdfundNC are separate entities, and only certain securities offerings listed or promoted on NC Grind’s website are offered and sold through Localstake. McGuire, meanwhile, is  separately employed as a registered representative of Localstake Marketplace.