RALEIGH – Jim Triandiflou is the new CEO at two-year-old insightsoftware, replacing former LexisNexis executive Mike Lipps in a transition that the company has been underway for “months.”

Triandiflou was announced as the new CEO on Tuesday but he actually started the job on Oct. 1.

insightsoftware – formed by TA Associates, a private equity firm through the combination Global and Insight Software in 2018 – has made 14 acquisitions in growing its global business and footprint. The firm focuses on enterprise software solutions that it says focuses on “the Office of the CFO.”

Lipps formerly served as a managing director at LexisNexis, leading that firm’s Raleigh Technology Center and its Legal Software Division. He also served as chief operating officer of MercuryGate International.

insightsoftware, which continues to hire in Raleigh, makes 14th acquisition in 2 years

Triandiflou had previous served as CEO of Morrisville-based Relias, which focuses on healthcare training, from 2012-2020. Triandiflou left Relias on March 31, citing personal reasons.

“We are grateful to Mike Lipps for the leadership he has provided and look forward to working with him in our next venture. We are excited to work with Jim and are confident that under his leadership we will continue to grow and to deliver the value that customers have come to expect,” said Mark Friedman, Executive Chairman of insightsoftware, in a statement.

Triandiflou added: “This company has been on an enviable growth trajectory, thanks in large part to Mike’s leadership. I look forward to helping the team accelerate growth by providing the very best products and world class service to our customers.”