HICKORY — Less than half of government agencies believe their current infrastructure can support 5G, though the majority expect the technology to have a significant impact on their agency operations in the next few years, according to a recent study underwritten by CommScope, a Hickory-based communication network infrastructure provider.

The blind study, conducted by Market Connections, surveyed 200 federal government decision-makers involved with network and communications infrastructure between April 23 and May 13.

Only 46 percent of respondents believe their current infrastructure is capable of supporting 5G, the study found. Almost three-quarters of the respondents, or approximately 71 percent, said they are looking at hardware, software, or endpoint upgrades to support a 5G initiative.

“This study indicates that federal agencies are at the beginning stages of 5G evaluation and deployment. As they are looking to finalize their strategy for connectivity, agencies should also consider private networks, whether those are private LTE networks, private 5G networks, or a migration from one to the other to ensure flexibility and scalability,” CommScope’s Vice President of its federal business said in the release.

Known as the fifth generation of wireless network technology, 5G is the newest cellular functionality phase in telecommunications. The Market Connections study concluded that the technologies and devices that 5G enables would continue to transform how the federal government works. 5G can allow for faster downloading and connectivity for more devices, along with other telecommunications benefits.

In February, CommScope announced more antenna solutions, connectors, and power options to increase 5G worldwide. The company’s website says wireless operators are challenged more than ever to “stay ahead of the competition on the fast-moving 5G deployment path.”

“As a global leader in wireless network infrastructure solutions, CommScope knows there’s no single approach to 5G and no one-size-fits-all 5G solution—and we have the resources and expertise to help position you for tomorrow,” according to CommScope’s website.

The study results can be found here.

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