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RALEIGH – Imagine a home theater system with speakers, TV and seating built to your specific tastes. What a way to fight the isolation stemming from the pandemic.

Once a luxury for rich and famous, it’s now accessible to all at the click of a button thanks to some new technology being rolled out by Raleigh startup Audio Advice.

The specialty consumer electronics retailer and e-commerce site has launched its free interactive 3D design tool that guides users through the often challenging experience of designing an entertainment space.

Built using complex algebraic algorithms, the patent-pending tool enables them to set their room dimensions, and then answer key questions to create a full three-dimensional rendering of their room in real-time.

Another perk: it’s completely free to use.

“There is nothing like this in the world today,” said its founder and CEO Scott Newnam, 42, who has two showrooms in Raleigh and Charlotte.

“The magic of this tool is that if you feel good with your report, you can take on your install; if you need additional help, our service team can guide you through deeper solutions; or if you want to hand it off for full installation, we can do that, too.”

The Audio Advice Home Theater Designer is being launched in conjunction with a suite of home theater design and education tools, and can be used for a traditional home theater or living room, family media room or man cave.

If the user modifies their system during the process, the program adjusts to give guidance as to whether the changes can work for that space. Users can then opt to see the system from the viewpoint of their seating to visualize the experience to simulate real life.

When the user is done and has saved their project, they receive a full specifications report with exact speaker locations, screen size, dimensions, and more.

“This Home Theater Designer tool is one of the biggest breakthroughs to happen for home theater enthusiasts, streaming TV binge watchers, entertainment and gaming fans, and just ordinary families who can’t quite figure out how to get that home movie theater sound quality,” added Tommy Jacobs, vice president of sales at Klipsch, Indianapolis-based loudspeaker company.

“Audio Advice is known for its audio and home theater expertise and they jam packed that expertise into this extraordinary tool.”