WRAL TechWire launches today LimeLight, a new feature designed to bring more attention to companies and individuals across the North Carolina entrepreneurial ecosystem. In a Q&A, James Amato, who leads Strategic Business Development for WRAL Digital Solutions, talks about the new project.

  • Tell us about how LimeLight got started, how it works, and what it aims to achieve.

LimeLight was inspired by our desire to create meaningful connection between people, companies, and the community at large during a time we need it most. It’s a way to celebrate accomplishment and the human spirit during these unprecedented times when it’s more important than ever to be proud of who we are and to achieve meaningful human interaction. 

LimeLight is our supplement for the community we wish we could engage in right now, but are choosing to responsibly refrain from. It’s a platform where people can express pride in many things like a person’s upward mobility in the workplace, servant leadership, cultures of equity and inclusion, big sales, impactful civic engagement, innovation, and other wins – large and small.

  • What kinds of people, companies do you plan to feature?

We want to shatter the mold on what North Carolina thinks is a worthy accolade in business at a time when we need molds to be shattered -professionally, socially, and politically. We look forward to featuring people and companies who are doing just that and to encourage others by their example.

Limelight is for everyone; it’s for doers and for dreamers in all professions and walks of life. The corporate community, startups and entrepreneurs, innovators, educators, freelancers, techies, and creatives are all welcome whether they are 8 years old or 108. Two incredibly talented and innovative high school students are featured right now! 

If there’s someone in our statewide footprint who should be celebrated for a powerful accomplishment, give them a share of the LimeLight. 

  • Why is this going to be a positive resource for the community?

LimeLight offers us all an opportunity to infuse life into our professional networks, corporate cultures, and business communities and share stories with each other and the wider world that reinforce what makes doing business in North Carolina second to none: our people. The ability to do this within the WRAL.com brand universe offers people who use LimeLight the ability to reach a much bigger audience than even before at a reasonable price, and to rest assured that their submissions won’t be hidden behind a paywall.

  • How can people get involved?​

Think of LimeLight as a virtual fist bump or raising of a glass to friends old and new. It’s easy to do, just visit  https://wraltechwire.com/limelight/ and join us in believing that positive vibes save lives…and encourage your friends to do the same.