RALEIGH — Wake Transit wants to hear from you.

With tax collections lower than anticipated because of the COVID-19 pandemic, local planners need to reschedule planned transit investments through 2030, and they’re asking the public to help confirm what the priorities should be.

From today through August 31, a short public survey will be available here.

“Public feedback is an important part of every step in the Wake Transit planning process,” the agency said in its release. “In addition to helping planners reschedule projects, the responses will be used to identify new projects should money become available.”

In 2016, Wake residents voted to invest sales tax money in transit improvements and a 10-year transit plan that called for connecting all of Wake County’s 12 municipalities.

In recent years, Wake Transit said it has already achieved a number of significant gains.

Among them: operating bus routes more often and for longer hours, adding bus routes, increasing weekend service, and securing transit connections for all Wake County communities, to name a few.

More information about the Wake Transit Plan can be found here.